By Walt Hunter

NORTH COVENTRY Twp., Pa., (CBS) — One moment she was driving to work in the busy eastbound lanes of Route 422, the next she was spinning out of control, after a pick-up truck struck her car three times then took off.

In an exclusive interview, the driver, who asked we conceal her identity, told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter about the terrifying moments as her car crumpled against the medial barrier, and the pick-up roared away.

“I hit the brakes, held onto the wheel and prayed,” she said, recounting the frightening seconds as, she says, the pick-up hit her car from behind three separate times.

“At first I was scared, but then I was angry,” she said, “why would somebody do this?”

As she removed two car seats from her wrecked car at a storage lot, she says she is very grateful she had dropped off her two and three-year-old sons at pre-school, moments before the crash.

The victim who suffered only bruises and was released after treatment at a local hospital, says she hopes a picture of the accident, posted on Facebook, might show the hit-run vehicle, possibly a black Dodge Ram pick-up truck leaving the scene.

Anyone with information should call the North Coventry, Chester County Police Department.

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