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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (CBS) — Sancho Pistola’s is now open in Fishtown, at 19 W. Girard Avenue (in the former Bubba’s BBQ).

Co-owner Joe Gunn (top photo) says it’s a Mexican beer bar — but that’s not all:

“(We also have) a raw bar, which is something I’m so excited about. (The chef) does a lot of ceviche and tiradito, which is kind of like a Mexican sashimi almost.  We love doing fish tacos — I think we’re at about 12 on the menu — and then we’ll have specials here and there.”


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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here!  What are you serving at your Super Bowl party?

David Cunicelli, co-owner of the 320 Market Cafés, in Media and Swarthmore, Pa., says they tried hard to come up with special dishes inspired by Seattle and Denver, the two teams in this year’s NFL championship game.

“We came up with a few things using some, well, coffee.  And in the case of Denver, we sort of played on words with ‘pot.’   We are doing a coffee-pot-brined and braised pot roast that will be available,” he tells What’s Cooking.

(David Cucinelli, at 320 Market Café.  Photo provided)

(David Cucinelli, at 320 Market Café. Photo provided)

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And Bridget Foy’s restaurant, at 200 South Street, is gearing up for Valentine’s Day with an Eclat Chocolate Dinner on Thursday, February 6th.

“It’s going to be a four-course menu,” says Foy, “(with) really interesting things.  Like we’re going to do a chocolate mascarpone ravioli.”

(Bridget Foy, at the restaurant named after her.  Photo by Bridget Foy)

(Bridget Foy, at the restaurant named after her. Photo by Bridget Foy)


The chocolate-themed dinner is $40 per person, and reservations are required.


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