PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The number of Americans who say they’re middle class has dropped drastically in recent years.

That’s according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, which reveals that just 44% of Americans now call themselves middle class.

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Meanwhile, 40% say they’re lower or lower-middle class – up 15% from 2008.

And this social shift wasn’t limited to the middle or lower class. Just 15% of those polled in 2014 said they’d call themselves upper or upper-middle class, down from 2008, when 21% reported being at the top of the social and economic ladder. And young adults were significantly more likely to put themselves in the lower or lower-middle class, with 49% reporting a downward shift in social status. That’s nearly double the amount who said the same in 2008.

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The Pew Center says the latest poll reflects U.S. Census Bureau data, which showed the average household income decreased by 8% since the Great Recession began in 2007.

To see the poll results, click here.

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