By KYW Social Media Editor Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Snapchat’s latest security “fix” was quickly broken by a hacker, leaving the social network scrambling for solutions…again.

Snapchat released a new CAPTCHA verification system to make it harder for hackers to steal users’ phone numbers, but that too was hacked.

“The approach that Snapchat has used to reduce the risks of bots, or non humans, from signing up for accounts and using accounts was very very weak, tells me that really that don’t have someone who understands the field of security,” Drexel Cybersecurity expert Dr. Rob D’Ovidio tells KYW Newsradio.

D’Ovidio warns users that what Snapchat defines as “delete” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gone forever:

“They just need to be very cautious about the information they are supplying Snapchat knowing they have a history of vulnerability here.”

Snapchat has not responded to this latest security problem.