By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–There’s good and bad news about ‘Millennials’ in Philadelphia. They’re moving here and they like the town, but they apparently don’t want to stay.

The Pew Charitable Trusts calls it, “a promising but fragile boom.”

“The increase in young adults in Philadelphia has been as large in the past six or seven years as in any city in the country, when measured on a percentage basis.”

But project director Larry Eichel of Pew’s Philadelphia Research Initiative says half of the 20-to-34-year-olds questioned said they definitely or probably would not be living in Philadelphia five to 10-years from now.

“The two issues that came up the most were job and career concerns, and secondly, concern about child-rearing and schools, not surprisingly.”

Of the city’s 46-residential zip codes, seven have young-adult populations in excess of 40 percent including Center City, University City, Manayunk and Fairmount.

The neighborhoods experiencing the greatest gain in their young-adult populations since 2000 were mostly around Central Philadelphia: Fairmount, the northern half of South Philadelphia, Northern Liberties and Kensington/Fishtown.

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