By Mike Dunn

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Nutter seems to be at odds with his own police department over that longtime Philadelphia tradition of claiming an on-street parking space that you just dug out after a snowstorm.

The Philadelphia police department tweeted “when you dig out your car, leave the spot clear. Just say no to lawn chair, orange cone and trash can.” The tweet added hashtag “#NoSaviesies.” Mayor Nutter understands the point.policetweet Nutter Asks Residents To Be Neighborly About Saving Parking Spaces

“There is no rule, regulation or law that says that just because you dug out a space, its yours.”

But still Nutter also understands the feeling of ownership and does not fault someone for using a lawnchair.

“There is something to the value of having spent four hours trying to dig out a space.”

So ultimately Nutter urges neighbors to just work it out.

“That’s a neighbor-to-neighbor, kind of how we all get along on the block situation. And in most places, folks do figure out how to deal with that.”

So in the great parking spot debate, Nutters advice is simple.

“Be smart, be nice and don’t be a jerk.”

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