By Kate Bilo

BRYN MAWR, Pa., (CBS) — As the American Red Cross tells us, when you are trying to stay warm, it’s always important to stay safe.

Temperatures tonight once again plummeting to single digits, and people are feeling the pain outdoors.

At the Bryn Mawr SEPTA Station, these frozen travelers missed their train and had to wait an hour.

“Almost can’t feel the bench,” a traveler said. “I’m not getting used to it.”

“When it goes up to 30 and you feel like it’s a Spring day, that’s when you know it’s too cold,” another traveler said.

But the quest to stay warm comes with the risk of danger.

“Today for example the Red Cross responded to five fires. I can’t say directly related to the cold, but a very good chance they are,” Dave Schrader of the American Red Cross said.

And the main culprit?

“The space heater, the primary culprit of fires,” Schrader said.

He says to make sure space heaters are used properly.

Other cold weather fire hazards include unattended fireplaces and using stoves or ovens for warmth.

And another thing to consider:

“People tend to stay inside more, and that elevates the risk. Kids are all home, it elevates the risk if there is a fire, it elevates the risk of possible injuries,” he said.

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