PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Tonight the main roads are clear, but some side streets are still snow covered and treacherous.

Crews are working to make them passable.

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For the most part, drivers have been able to manage and get by here in South Philadelphia.

Some of the busier streets here like 11th Street are a little slushy, but for the most part they’re okay.

Then you have some of these small, tiny streets here like Titan Street in South Philadelphia. That street hasn’t even been plowed.

Pulling out of a snow packed parking spot, cleaning off your snow covered car and shoveling — lots of shoveling.

It’s the post-snow storm ritual that has some burned out.

“It’s just terrible, I hate the snow so much,” one resident said.

But for older citizens like 65-year-old Sandy Livingston of Drexel Hill, shoveling out her car she needs to get to her job in Center City, isn’t even really an option.

“There is no way I can go out there and shovel the snow at all, especially like today,” she said.

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But thanks to these volunteers, Livingston will be able to get to work.

These men are from the volunteer group called Able Body Christian Men.

Based in Southwest Philadelphia, the group spent their night out in the bitter cold away from their own families to help others.

“It’s difficult for her to come out here and clean out the snow, so we moved the snow from her car,” volunteer Kenneth Walker of ABC Men said.

From Drexel Hill to Southwest Philadelphia, the men  were helping dig out those who can’t dig out themselves.

“I tried to pay him and he said ‘no.’ I’m like where are you from?” one resident said.

Jackie Wleh is the president.

“Our mission is basically to inspire an atmosphere or culture of service,” she said.

The city code requires that a walking path of 36 inches wide be cleared in front of your sidewalk here within six hours of a snowfall, but the city has decided because of the amount of snow we saw here and because of these brutal freezing temperatures they actually won’t enforce that part of the city code until Thursday afternoon.

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