PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– Talk about the last thing you want to see at an airport, no, not snow. One word: cancelled.

Carissa Monahan was stranded at the airport.

“I’m stranded in the airport. I flew in from Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic, where it was 85 and sunny.”

Carissa was on her way home from her honeymoon but got stuck instead.

Others waiting to come here got an early heads up to stay put.

Kristin Maitlind found out her flight had gotten cancelled.

“They send a text message to my phone to let us know our flight was cancelled. I ended up just booking another night at the hotel; thankfully we didn’t get to the airport yet.”

She says her family was at Disneyworld for baby Brooklyn’s 1st birthday. They didn’t mind the delay.

“It was actually like 75 degrees yesterday, so I was completely fine with it.”

And seeing empty seats is a good sign here at the airport.

Those 155 passengers that were stranded overnight, as of this morning, they’re either on their plane or standing by to board.

Some questioned if the FAA’s new pilot rest rules caused more cancellations during the storm.  Aviation attorney Mike Miska of the Wolk Law Firm, explains the new regulations.

“What happens is, what once was a pilot could rest eight hours in between shifts, now a pilot has to rest 10 hours between shifts. A shift is now shorter, meaning a pilot can spend less time flying.”

However, this didn’t affect flights Tuesday.

“We see the airlines beginning to adapt to these new rules, the difference here, though, is that all of the flights were cancelled. It wasn’t something that a passing thunder storm or snow storm caused an hour, two hour delay.”

In those cases, pilots wouldn’t be allowed to fly if their time in the air exceeds their shift, causing more delays.

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