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By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The sub-freezing temperatures may be taking a toll on your car, truck, or SUV.

Samuel Snyderman, of Snyderman’s Gulf, at Second and Vine Streets in Old City, says these very low temperatures can be really hard on car batteries.

“Batteries get beat up a lot, especially like when it snowed yesterday and people didn’t go to work Monday.  So the car sat all weekend, it sat Monday and Tuesday.  Then they come out today and it gets the slow start.”

Snyderman says some customers also had problems with windshield washer fluid freezing in the reservoir.  He carries and puts in fluid rated at -30 degrees F. for the winter.

And Snyderman advises that if you haven’t done so, get your vehicle to your mechanic for a quick check.

“Get the oil changed for the cold weather and let them check everything over,” he suggests.  “Run the battery test; make sure you’re not going to run into problems next week, two months, two storms from now.  When it’s really cold, you don’t want to be standing out there with the jumper box in the morning.”

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