By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Federal authorities are now seeking a longer sentence for a former Charter School president who has admitted stealing more money after pleading guilty.

The judge, who revoked the defendant’s bail last week pending sentencing scheduled for this Wednesday, has ordered argument on the issue.

Thirty-two-year old Masai Skief pleaded guilty to stealing from the Harambee Charter School and a related non-profit as part of a deal. He was looking at a sentence between 21 and 27 months.

Now, authorities are recommending a sentence of about three years in prison and suggested the judge should consider going even higher.

In the original case, Skief admitted stealing nearly $90,000 as using it for personal reasons. Some of the money was taken from a scholarship originally set up in the name of his late father, who is the school’s founder.

Masai Skief moved the money into a personal business account in the name of “IDREAM” and used it to help him purchase a personal residence.