By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Governor Chris Christie is pushing for a longer school day and year for all New Jersey kids. It’s an idea that has the state’s teachers union asking some serious questions.

No specifics yet on the Governor’s proposal. State education officials will handle that. The New Jersey Education Association is willing to talk about the concept.

Spokesman Steve Wollmer says, “Right now, districts can and do negotiate longer days. 200 out of the 500 districts in the state have done that.”

He believes the administration engages in what Wollmer calls a “ready, fire, aim” approach to policy development.

One day before the Governor proposed the idea, he vetoed a measure that would have studied the merits of full day kindergarten.

Wollmer notes that a pre-school program already in place is not fully funded. He suggests parents, businesses and other stakeholders be brought into the discussion that should include how to pay for the changes Christie wants to make.