BRICK, N.J. (CBS)—On January 16, officers responded to the scene of a Chuck E. Cheese located on Chambersbridge Road for a report of a fight.

According to police, Bertrick Artis, 44, threatened a patron attending a party at the restaurant.

Artis allegedly said he was going to “shoot the place up,” if the victim did not give him any cash.

The suspect is also accused of sticking his hands in the victim’s pocket in an attempt to steal his money.

A family member heard the exchange and contacted police.

Officers on the scene determined Antinique White, 21, and Martez Williams, 22, were also involved in the incident.

Artis, Wright and Williams were all placed under arrest at the scene.

Artis was charged with robbery and his bail has been set at $350,000 with no option to post ten percent.

Wright was charged with with possession of a stun gun and possession of a credit default swap (CDS) in her vehicle. She was later released on a criminal summons.

Williams was charged possession of marijuana and possession of CDS paraphernalia.  He was also released on a criminal summons.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with further information is asked to contact Detective Thomas Cooney at 732-262-4708.