By Tony Hanson

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s more disgrace for a former Overbrook charter school president who stole from the school founded by his late father. A federal judge has revoked bail for Masai Skief after the defense conceded he took more money while awaiting sentencing after a guilty plea in the case.

The government alleged in a motion filed last week that Masai Skief, who pleaded guilty last August to embezzling about $88,000 walked out of court after the guilty plea and over the next nine days, used a Harambee Institute debit card to steal again, hundreds of dollars in five transactions.

Authorities also say they have new evidence Skief stole thousands of dollars between the time he agreed to plead guilty and actually pled in court.

The judge revoked bail, ordering Skief to surrender tomorrow for sentencing next week, after the defense conceded Skief made the transactions alleged after entering his guilty plea.