By Dom Giordano

It’s shore season! I know there still may be snow around and the vaunted polar vortex still threatens but it’s time to reserve your favorite place at the shore. Roe and I have just booked three weeks in North Wildwood. We have forsaken “summering” in Cape May.

Last summer you may remember we spent one week in Cape May and one in North Wildwood. We still love the ambiance of Cape May, the restaurants like Bella Vida, the shops etc. North Wildwood won because of the great “free “beaches “ and short walks to the boardwalk, and of course at half the price.

I know I’ve mocked the honky tonk of Wildwood but North Wildwood was clean, quiet and full of things to do. It feels like we’ve come home because Roe and I grew up as kids going to Wildwood Crest with our families. It’s amazing how towns separated by just a mile or two are so different.

I hope this first column reminds you to get your summer getaway set. I hope to see you in north Wildwood.