By Mike DeNardo

LANSDOWNE, Pa. (CBS) —  There is sadness today in Delaware County, Pa.  A wild turkey who roamed the town of Lansdowne for months, becoming a local celebrity, is no more.

Roscoe the wild turkey was famous in Lansdowne.  Since last spring he walked the streets, amusing and occasionally infuriating drivers forced to stop as he ambled across Lansdowne Avenue.

He even had his own Facebook page.

But tragedy befell Roscoe on Wednesday when he was struck and killed.

“That’s a shame, somebody hit him,” said Jackie Horton, a waitress at the Empire Diner, who recalls that she had seen Roscoe just the other day.  “Followed him up the street, and we were stopping cars so they wouldn’t hit him.  But he was just walking along and we were walking with him.”

Jackie says drivers were usually patient.

“They would just slow down so they could watch him walk.  And he would walk up to cars, too.  Like, he was getting real friendly,” she says.

Now his Facebook friends will see the page that reads, “Rest in Peace.”