FORT LEE, N.J. (CBS)—Despite calls from the mayor’s office asking Governor Christie not to come to Fort Lee, not to bring more attention to the town, the governor was adamant about making an appearance and apologizing.

Christie was stoic and serious when he first arrived at Fort Lee, not his usually charismatic self.

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A big crowd was outside waiting for him, some angry and some supportive.

Governor Christie spent about 40 minutes in the Mayor’s office and upon leaving he commented, “A very warm and productive meeting between me and the Mayor. I apologized, that is what I came here to do.”

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After Christie’s departure Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich held his own press conference to address everything that is going on with “Bridgegate.”

“We are not refusing access to the governor. We are only asking as polite and respectful a way please, please, we have been through a lot and we’re not saying no we welcome the apology and I may have even asked for one, it’s just to do it now in light of what has transpired in the last 24 hours, it is just going to cause more chaos in Fort Lee. We don’t need it at this point.”

By all accounts by the Christie and Sokolich it was a cordial meeting.

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