By Diana Rocco

PENNSAUKEN, N.J., (CBS) — Many of us stay inside in this kind of weather, but those who make their living outdoors have to brave the blast.

In Pennsauken, Camden County, some workers are out in this brutal weather for hours on end.

It’s cold and the only thing more brutal than being out on a night like this is working in it.

“It is bitter out tonight,” valet William Shanley said.

In Camden County, gas station attendants covered from head to toe have no choice but to stand outside pumping gas for hours on end. In Philadelphia, valets are also left to fend for themselves bundled and trying to keep moving — a challenge on a slow night.

“Probably have about six layers on right now, in addition to a scarf. I’m ducking inside any restaurant we can get into to hang out for a little bit, works out well,” Shanley said.

Bellhops and doormen across the city are out welcoming guests, even this SEPTA driver prepared for the single digits.

“I’m layered up very well,” he said.

But working outside in the frigid temperatures can have its perks.

“Usually that’s the good thing about the cold weather, the tips really roll in,” Shanley said.

Ken Kowgill and his crew took a cappuccino break compliments of the restaurant next door.

“For next ten minutes it will be good, when the cold sets back in, we’ll go from there,” Kowgill said.

They are putting up a sign on a storefront on Walnut Street, a job they nearly cancelled because the extreme cold can cause equipment to freeze.

“Trying to keep moving, get it done and get back home where it’s nice and warm,” Kowgill said.