By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Well, the Eagles lost, so for a little while we can focus on making up trades for the Sixers that will probably never happen.

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The Made Up Trade is back! If you don’t think it’s fun, don’t read it.

After consulting with the Made Up Trade architect Ethan Giles (on Twitter @Giles1228), he thought the best course of action was to involve the Sixers in another multi-team trade that involves Andrew Bynum.

Here we go:

Sixers get:

Andrew Bynum (Two Years, $12.3 Million)

Harrison Barnes (Three Years, $2.9 Million)

Donatas Motiejunas (Three Years, $1.4 Million)

Festus Ezeli (Three Years, $1.1 Million,)

Warriors Get:

Anderson Varejao (Two Years, $9 Million)

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Thaddeus Young (Three Years, $8.9 Million)

Lavoy Allen (One Year, $3.1 Million)

Cavaliers Get:

Omer Asik (Two Years, $8.4 Million)

Evan Turner (One Year, $6.7 Million)

Rockets Get:

David Lee (Three Years, $13.9 Million)

Why The Sixers Do It: Well, they’d cut Bynum. So that just turns into cap space (they’d have to do that by tomorrow). It would be funny however, to just have an honorary Bynum press conference at the Constitution Center again. They’d add a high upside, low cost guy in Harrison Barnes as well.

Why The Warriors Do It: Barnes is probably their best trade asset, and he doesn’t quite fit with the addition of Andre Iguodala. Thaddeus Young, while not as good a rebounder or offensive option than David Lee, is a much better defender, and is an efficient scorer. Vaerjao gives the Warrios a very strong big off the bench.

Why The Cavs Do It: Surprisingly, the Cavs actually make a pretty nice deal here. Vaerjao is injury prone, and Asik is a nice addition in the middle for them. And Evan Turner with Waiters and Irving is, well, they make an ok deal I guess.

Why The Rockets Do It: Morey overplayed his Asik hand, and has to settle for Lee. Let’s be honest, there’s no way the Rockets are doing this. Someone give them a first round pick.

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