By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Ursinus College is opening a center for entrepreneurship this spring.

The idea is to bridge different fields of interest with an eye on marketing a product or service.

It’s called U-Imagine: the Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies.

Carol Cirka, professor of Business and Economics and co-director of the center, says in recent years, college grads come out and get jobs in areas that were not in their field of study. She says the center will address that situation.

“Entrepreneurs are people who we often associate with going out and starting businesses, Entrepreneurial thinkers are people who can engage in a lot of the thinking and activity skills that an entrepreneur would, but in any setting.”

A competition will be held in April called U-Innovate.

Students will work in teams to develop ideas for a product or service, or that addresses a social problem.

The top prize is $7,500 dollars, plus free housing for the summer on campus, so students can work on their projects.