By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – So, have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Have you already broken one or more?

Don’t laugh. It is very common for people to break their resolutions in short order. In fact, that may just be the bonus and the danger from New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s use diet for an example: some people – many people – will say I am going to eat almost all I want and ‘enjoy’ the holidays because starting New Year’s I am beginning the diet of a lifetime. Then – often within days – the strict diet goes by the boards and you are back to eating a poor diet.

The danger is that frustration and disappointment takes over and not only is a poor diet continued – it might often get worse.

The key is to take things in stride. There is nothing magical about New Year’s Day. Yes, it is a fresh start, but make your resolutions realistic…not unreachable and you will have a greater chance at success.