By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “We bleed green!”

We all know Philly has Eagles pride running through our veins — and that’s just what the American Red Cross is hoping for!

Nearly 1,000 fans participated in the 6th annual Philadelphia Eagles blood drive on Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field.

“The fans rally around the cause,” says Anthony Tornetta with American Red Cross. “We definitely feel a different vibe in the building this year.”

With so much riding on the game against the Dallas Cowboys — fans are hoping their good deed will bring the birds good fortune.

“I think the fans are really looking for something to do to rally around the team,” Tornetta says, “and this is one of them.”

“It just shows how the city comes together,” says Sheila Heffer, who donated blood, “and they are doing it for the Eagles and we are going for that big win!”

For the Heffer family — it is about giving back.

“It’s a great thing to do for the city,” Heffer says, “and for everybody and anybody that needs blood.”

The donation will supply more than 100 area hospitals.

Volunteers say the need is greater during winter.

“A simple three inches of snow can impact our ability to collect blood on a given day,” says Tornetta, “and this will go along way in maintaining a stable blood supply through the winter months.”

If you missed Saturday’s event, but want to donate blood, the American Red Cross holds daily blood drives in the Philadelphia area.