UPPER MAKEFIELD, Pa. (CBS)–Typically Charlie and his big brother Samuel can be seen out in Washington Crossing Historic Park with their owner Sue McKinnon.

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Only Friday morning things weren’t so typical as the geese on the pond caught the 9-month-old puppy’s eye.

McKinnon says, “He saw the geese and took off.”

With the edges of the pond frozen, Charlie made it out about 35 feet before ice gave way and he fell into the frigid water.

McKinnon’s first instinct was to rush in after Charlie, who she rescued from a kill shelter, but a neighbor held her back and called 911.

“It was gut wrenching,” she says.

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Upper Makefield Officer Lee Crawford arrived to hear Charlie whimpering in the water.

Officer Crawford says, “He was trying to pull himself up but just couldn’t use his back legs to get him back onto the ice.”

After other attempts failed, Crawford along with a Pennsylvania State Trooper decided to walk out to go get Charlie who had been in the icy cold water for about twenty minutes.

McKinnon says, “They were breaking the ice with batons.”

Once the King Charles Cavalier and Sheltie mix was pulled out just after nine, he had some minor scrapes, but was otherwise just fine.

“It was one of those rewarding days on the job,” Officer Crawford says.

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