By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– The debate over who will pay for renovations at Love Park is expected to continue after City Council members return from their winter break in late January.

They are also expected to debate how future renovation plans of the park will look.

The city is expected to spend 2014 coming up with a new design plan to revamp Love Park.

So what improvements would folks like to see?

“I would try to make it as a traditional park with trees, not the proposal of the seven restaurants, I think that’s crazy.”

“I mean I think we have enough restaurants around here.”

“Probably more green space.”

Many say they’d like to have a reason to come spend time here, aside from just bringing their friends and out-of-town visitors for a photo op with the Love statue.

“There’s nothing in the park to focus on, except for the Love pavilion.”

“You know, maybe a little slides or swing sets or something like that.”

And folks say the old Visitor’s Center here in the park could use a little updating as well.

“That definitely needs to be revamped.”