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By Steve Tawa

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The day after Christmas means a day of returns — and bargain shopping — at area stores.

Center city retailers today saw lots of folks returning with a store-brand bag in tow.

One family we spoke with was exchanging a sweater bought as a gift for Mom.

“They thought I was smaller than I really am,” she said.

So, she ended up with what she wanted.

“Oh yes — and more!”

One man was back at the store after buying “something for the little lady” in basic black, thinking he couldn’t go wrong.

“She just decided she wanted a something a little brighter than what I got for her this time,” he admitted.

He said he bought her sneakers but she wanted them with a little more flash.

“Yeah, more flash and flair.  Something she could work out in the gym with.”

Another man said he was looking for post-holiday bargains.
“I got a couple of things, 50 to 60 percent off,” he said today.

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