By John Ostapkovich

DALLAS, Tex. (CBS) — With the Eagles set to face the Dallas Cowboys next Sunday night for the NFC East championship (see related story), maybe you’d like to be at AT&T Stadium in person to cheer them on.

What would it take?   In a word, money.

There are plenty of tickets to the game available, at a price, on various web sites.  Standing room can be had for as little as $72.

You could sit up in the nosebleed section, way above the corner of the end zone, for $203. Or, if you insist on going high end, there’s one ticket for the field level suite on the Cowboys’ sideline for a mere $21,200 (although that location could be a little awkward for an Eagles’ fan).

One roundtrip flight, Saturday to Monday, economy car included, was listed at $680 on Orbitz, with other flights at $780 or more — and with few airfare seats left at those prices.

Lodging may be the least of your concerns, as long as you’re not demanding. The stadium is next to Six Flags, and there are a dozen or more hotels nearby. The Days Inn, less than a half-mile from the game, goes for $41 to $75 a night.

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