By David Madden

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TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — A deal has been struck in New Jersey to allow the children of undocumented residents to get access to a state-affiliated college education at in-state tuition rates.

Governor Chris Christie promised what he called “tuition equality” during his reëlection campaign — not tuition assistance, which could cost too much and attract people from out of state.

Democratic leaders in the legislature are now accepting those limitations.

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According to those involved, New Jersey legislators have agreed to accept Christie’s planned veto of the tuition assistance portion of the original measure.

“I’ll be waiting for all the apology letters from all the people, some in this room, who said that  I was not serious about tuition equality and that somehow this was an election prank,” Christie said today.

The change takes effect in time for the spring semester.

State senate Democrats, in a statement, insist they remain committed to getting financial aid included at some point, but agreed to the deal to “get rid of an exclusionary system that threatened to harm our state economy by holding promising and aspiring young students back.”

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