By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Tired of the cold and the snow? You’re in luck!

Mother Nature turns on the blow torch by the week’s end and we get a little taste of a Spring thaw. The warming trend begins Thursday with temperatures back to seasonable territory (mid 40’s).

But the mercury won’t stop there! As a strong southerly flow takes over, very warm air will surge up the eastern seaboard. Friday climbs into the mid 50’s. By the weekend, we’re flirting with daily records. Saturday likely warms into the upper 50’s, and Sunday is about 20 degrees above average at 63 degrees! (That’s more typical of mid-April.)

Keep in mind, there’s always a trade off! The warmth will be accompanied by building clouds, maybe some fog Friday, and eventually a new storm system that likely brings just rain to our area. The wet weather arrives mainly Saturday into Sunday.

The Delaware Valley has experienced a pretty cold couple of weeks, so some may welcome the warmth even more. Although we came close here and there, Philadelphia hasn’t recorded seasonable temperatures for the last 10 days. In other words, it’s been colder than average that entire time.

From Snow Bowl to Spring Bowl:

After the Eagles played in harsh, snowy weather their last time at home, the Birds will face a total opposite this Sunday as they take on Chicago. Because we’ll have built up so much warmth by Sunday, the thermometer will likely still read into the low 60’s at kickoff. (Yes, even at 8:30pm. It’s hard to believe it’s not a typo!)

It won’t be picture perfect — I expect clouds and we’ll likely see some showers (if not steady rain), but what a difference just one home game can make!

Chances of a White Christmas:

Although we’ve built up a pretty nice snow pack (especially north of the city), the warmth combined with the approaching rain storm will allow most, if not all our recent snow to melt away. In addition, there aren’t any chances for snow between now and Christmas for our area.

A forecast like this can be a buzzkill or the best news ever depending who you talk to! Here’s hoping you enjoy it, and have a wonderful holiday regardless!


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