By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Retailers are expected to begin selling Beyoncé’s new CD this weekend, but Target has decided not to stock it.

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Call it retribution for Beyoncé’s decision to first go directly to her fans through Apple’s online store, iTunes.

The move is being hailed as a stroke of marketing genius: Beyoncé releasing 14 songs and 17 videos last Friday, with no promotion.  Sales on iTunes sales have been soaring ever since.

But Target isn’t applauding. A spokesman for the big box retailer tells Billboard, the music industry newspaper, that when a new album is available digitally before it is available in stores, it affects demand and sales projections.

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This begs the question: are CDs becoming obsolete?  A quick peek into retail store FYE, at Broad and Chestnut Streets in center city, saw little foot traffic around the bins.

“I don’t like CDs anymore, ’cause sometimes I don’t like all the songs on the CD,” said one woman.  “So I just purchase the singles, whatever song I like.  That’s what I do.”

“I will get Beyoncé’s CD when it comes out because I am a big fan,” said another, “so I don’t see anything wrong with her doing the iTunes.   I thought it was clever and I think she’s still gonna get huge sales without the CDs.”

“Beyoncé” has already broken iTunes’ one-week sales record in the US, following a monster debut weekend that saw more than 800,000 units sold.

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