By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–This week, Philadelphia City Council approved and sent to the Mayor a bill that gives pregnant women a bit of a break on the job, literally.

Approved at Council’s last meeting of 2013 was a measure authored by Councilman Bill Greenlee that requires local employers to give pregnant workers reasonable accommodations.

“Like giving extra breaks, allowing people to maybe drink some water, extra restroom breaks, that kind of thing. Very basic things that most businesses do anyway.”

But Greenlee says even if most businesses do this, a few don’t and for them, the hammer of legislation — and potential fines — is needed.

Worker complaints would be heard by the city’s Human Relations Commission.

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, which usually opposes council mandates on local firms, was mum on this bill.

Greenlee is hoping the Mayor will sign it, “I have not heard any opposition to this bill, because it’s a very reasonable thing. It has ‘reasonable’ in its title, ‘reasonable accommodations,’ which other cities have done, most businesses do already. So we don’t anticipate a problem.”

A spokesman for the Mayor says the measure is being reviewed.

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