By Jim Melwert

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — The winter weather is making a mess of roads across the region, especially in the northwestern suburbs.

Flakes fell the better part of the day without much of any impact, but as the sun went down, road conditions changed quickly.

“It was flurrying when I came into work, it seemed totally fine,” said Chris Mackin, out delivering pizzas in Collegeville. “Within a matter of half an hour though, accumulation started to build up, and now it’s looking pretty nasty.”

As the snow fell emergency crews were kept busy with several accidents along the 422 corridor, but Chris says he’s proceeding with caution.

“So for everyone out there, just drive slow, drive safe, that’s all I have to say.”

James Stangler, also from Collegeville, says it didn’t take long at all for the snow to cover the roads.

“Pretty fast, I actually thought the forecast was wrong, earlier I thought we were only going to get half an inch maybe, but now it’s starting to come down,” he said. “I feel like everyone’s driving slow and being safe so it’s really not too bad, I’m not commuting far. I’m being crazy and going to the gym but it’s not too bad.”

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