By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The 114th Army vs Navy game is in the history books, with the Midshipmen beating the Black Knights 34-7. Spectators came to watch the game from near and far, and some even used the event as a family reunion.

Many rooting for Navy and Army said it was freezing but well worth it. Spectators were cold and wet, but glad to make it back to America’s game.

Reed Clark graduated from the Naval Academy in 1970. He’s been living in Beirut, Lebanon since 2005.

“I was at a 70 degree Army Navy game about seven years ago,” he said. “It’s good to be here in the city of brotherly love again. I came seven time zones to be here. I heard I had competition, reportedly someone came from Hawaii. But that’s only five time zones, I came seven!”

His son Gale graduated from the Navy Academy in 2001, and he was able to make the trip to Philadelphia from Boston to meet up with his dad.

“He lives a long way away, we sometimes try to get together here,” he said. “He’ll try to tie in a business trip and then we try to rendezvous here.”

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