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By Brad Segall

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Bucks County prosecutors say no charges will be filed against police in Tullytown, Pa., who tasered a teenage shoplifting suspect while he was trying to flee from custody.

Bucks County district attorney David Heckler says video from two police cruiser dashboard cameras tell the story. The video shows the 14-year-old, cuffed from behind, fleeing along heavily traveled Route 13 last month.

Heckler says the teen was tasered after verbal warnings, but at no point was he ever beaten or abused by the cops.

“He fled while handcuffed behind,” Heckler said today.  “His injuries were caused, we are satisfied, entirely by his fall, which was a result of his being tased.”

His mother put images of the boy’s severe facial injuries on line and accused police of beating her son (see previous story).   She has hired a private Philadelphia attorney, apparently to pursue a civil case.

Heckler says the child never told anyone he was beaten, and five different witnesses told police they never saw any police brutality.

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