PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Philadelphia Streets Department says that it is continuing its snow-fighting efforts into the afternoon.

According to Acting Streets Commissioner David J. Perri, approximately 176 trucks and 395 employees are currently deployed for “snow-fighting operations.”

The Department also says that while all primary and secondary streets have been treated, it is working to complete the salting of residential roads.

The big concern now, Perri says, is falling temperatures and the chance of re-freezing.

“So we’re watching for potential icy spots. We will be treating those areas to prevent an ice buildup and that operation will continue through this evening,” he said.

Perri says it’s also a good idea to shovel the sidewalk before sunset to prevent freezing there and a hazard for pedestrians later tonight and tomorrow morning.

And though trash and recycling collections haven’t been stopped by the snow, residents are asked to leave their trash and recycling out for regular collection all week and to be patient as crews navigate the snowy streets.

The Streets Department advises that residents do several things to aid workers and stay safe:

Clear a sidewalk path of at least 3 feet within 6 hours of the end of a storm. The City requests those living on a corner property shovel a 3-ft. wide path the curb ramp for disabled citizens.

Do not throw snow in the street as it hampers salting and plowing operations.

Check on your elderly neighbors and family.

Use caution when navigating over bridges and overpasses where slippery spots may develop.

Remove ice and snow from car windows, mirrors and all vehicle lights and remove snow and ice from the hood and roof of vehicles.

Park your car as far from the corner as possible since cars parked too close impede the turning radius of salting vehicles.

Residents are also urged to stay tuned to local media for further updates for weather and traffic reports.

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