By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Let’s make gifts! If you’re the least bit crafty, this is the year to make some stuff, because rustic, natural decorations are totally trendy, and you can gather so many supplies from your own garden!

Pick up some twigs, pretty sheets of bark found on the ground, flowerheads and stalks, seed pods, pine cones and more, to make ornaments for your own tree or to give as gifts.

String berries and seed pods along with popcorn perhaps and bits of burlap and ribbon. Tie garden twine onto dried hydrangea heads as ornaments – leave them natural, or add berries or a bit of white paint for a frosty effect, or glue and glitter if you like things sparkly.

Create critters from pinecones, straw and seedpods; or a snowman of walnuts and acorns with seeds for eyes and holly berry buttons.

See the photo for a few ideas here – then see what you can create from the bounty of free craft supplies in your yard, all designed by Mother Nature.