By Ukee Washington

HADDONFIELD, NJ (CBS) — Friends of a South Jersey woman with cancer have teamed up to raise funds for her treatment.

Her friends wanted to sell something to symbolize the season and spread joy, and it’s something they’ve done before.

We first met Lori Kadar in 2011. Her Haddonfield garage was practically a flower shop — hundreds of poinsettias were sold to help her cousin, who had just had a transplant. Lori’s close friend Colleen Binder was happy to help.

“I was carrying poinsettias to people’s cars and helping them pick them out,” Colleen said.

This year, the poinsettia fundraiser is for her. Colleen has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and is going through chemo.

“Flowers represent growth and life and energy, and that’s what we want to infuse in Colleen at this time,” Lori said.

“At first I said to Lori, ‘Oh, no no no. There’s someone, there’s someone out there, that needs it more than I need it,'” Colleen said.

Ultimately, Colleen said yes.

“I guess what it has done for us is re-energized us to fight back even harder, help her go through this journey,” Lori said.

The poinsettias are back in the garage and at the Kadar family business, Kadar Orthodontics. The money goes to a non-profit.

“The donations are made through Raise Hope 4 Cancer. And if you’re not actually able to purchase a flower, or don’t choose to buy one, you can also make a donation online,” Lori said.

The money goes to Colleen to help with the costs of medical treatment.

To Colleen and Lori, the plants have become a symbol for joy.

“It really helps me and my family to know that everyone is celebrating every day I take toward getting better,” Colleen said.

They hope to raise $5000. The plants are $30 each or $50 for two. They’re on sale until December 15, 2013. For more information, contact Lori Kadar at 856‐582‐1400 (office) or 609‐417‐1854 (cell).

Monetary donations can be placed online at Note the donation is in honor of Colleen Binder.

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