By Jan Carabeo

By Ileana Diaz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Dozens walked off their jobs across the United States in 100 cities.

Camille Collins works full time at McDonalds. She’s a single mother with a son in elementary school and another in high school.

“It’s my responsibility to provide a home for them and I want to do that.”

But she can’t afford to. So while she lives here with roommates, her family is helping her take care of the boys

“It’s difficult. It’s unrealistic to live off of $7.70 an hour with two children and I want better for them.”

In Wilmington, nearly 50 fast food workers and advocates protested for higher wages outside McDonalds, some of them making as little as $7.25 an hour.

A Burger King employee, Neka Hunter says, “It’s not enough and by the time we get our check it’s already gone.”

Some argue there are other options but these employees say they’re hard to find.

Hunter says, “We can apply all we want but they’re not returning our calls and we’re stuck where we are.”

Local advocates say big fast food chains should be paying more.

Ezra Temko, an advocate says,”They can afford to pay workers $15.”

A spokesman from McDonalds sent this statement:

“McDonald’s and our owner-operators are committed to providing our employees with opportunities to succeed. To right-size the headlines, however, the events taking place are not strikes.”

Fast food workers have seen recent success. Just last month in New Jersey, the minimum wage was increased and fast food employees here are hoping Delaware will follow suit.