By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It appears that Governor Corbett’s effort to hire a private firm to manage the Pennsylvania Lottery is back in high gear.

William Dando, the legislative director for AFSCME District Council 13, says the Corbett administration is negotiating with his union on the issues of should a private manager be hired and the future of Lottery employees.

Dando says they “would remain Commonwealth employees and bargaining unit members… and any new employees would also come into the bargaining unit.”

While Dando says the union remains opposed to privatizing Lottery management, both sides describe talks as productive.

Meanwhile, there are also ongoing talks about legislation that would authorize some type of Lottery management agreement. The attorney general ruled earlier this year the governor could not do it on his own. A spokesman for the Senate majority leader says Lottery management legislation might include a proposal to freeze property taxes for senior citizens.