PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You heard the complaints during training camp, ‘the Eagles aren’t hitting enough!’ You heard about the smoothies, the music, the schedule, the orders that players sleep more than they’re used to. Chip Kelly not only brought his offense to the NFL, but his focus on health, with the backing of science.

Heading into Week 14, with the Eagles surging, all of that sports science stuff seems like it just might be working.

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“This sports science stuff that he [Chip Kelly] brings in, it really is, it really does work,” Eagles safety Nate Allen said Monday night on the Howie Roseman Show on 94WIP. “Because we’re just—there’s so much stuff we’re working on. It’s hard to explain it because there is so much that goes into it and so much we’re doing off the football field to take care of our bodies.”

Allen is a player who has consistently improved this season, after he was generally seen as a weakness coming in to the year.

“It’s my first time being a part of something like that and the way I felt this time last year, compared to this year, is just–it’s completely different. I just feel—I don’t feel as beat up, like it’s a grind during this time of the season. We actually, we feel like we’re getting better and we’re on the incline,” Allen said.

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No amount of sports science will erase major injuries from the NFL. But what Kelly’s focus on health does, is force players to control what they can, and limit the nagging injuries that could lead to bigger problems.  The ability to feel more fresh, and continue strength training, gives the players the chance to prevent injury.

“During this time usually is when guys start losing a lot of weight, because you’re so beat up you can’t lift like you usually do,” Allen said. “It’s just a long season, but I’m feeling good and we all feel good and we can lift pretty heavy. So we’re all feeling pretty good right now.”

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