By Jim Melwert

NESHAMINY, Pa. (CBS) — There was a surprise announcement at the Neshaminy School Board meeting Monday night. Board president Ritchie Webb announced he’s stepping down.

Webb may be best known for heading up Neshaminy’s negotiating team in the five-year contract battle with the teacher’s union. That long battle came to end when the two sides agreed to a contract in June.

At Monday night’s meeting, Webb drew a standing ovation when he announced he would step down.

“I thank each and everyone of you for the tremendous support which I received,” Webb said, “and I can not tell you how much this has meant to me.”

Webb was elected to the Neshaminy School Board in 2003, and he became president in 2008.

“For ten years, I’ve had the honor and privilege to be a Neshaminy School Board member,” Webb said, “which is something I will always treasure and be proud of.”

The teacher’s union often criticized him for refusing to negotiate in good faith, but some residents showed their support with standing ovations at school board meetings.

Board vice president Scott Congdon will replace Webb as board president.