By Dan Wing and Matt Rivers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — AAA was projecting a decrease of about 1.5% in holiday travelers this Thanksgiving weekend, and that projection seemed to be right on at 30th Street Station on Sunday night, where travelers were enjoying a pretty easy ride home.

Crowds gathered around the information board anxiously awaiting their train home, but for most people, things were moving along with no hiccups.

“There were no problems,” said one traveler. “Everything was on time. It was a little crowded coming back down, but going up it was not as crowded. But everything was great. Everything was on time.”

Andrew was on his way back to George Washington University in Washington, DC, and even though he was a little late, there were no problems getting a ticket to ride.

“Pretty much smooth sailing,” Andrew said. “I bought my ticket a little late, so I’ve gotta take the Acela home instead of regional rail. So I have to pay a little bit more, because they were all sold out.”

At the Philadelphia International Airport, the departure and arrival boards showed far more flights on time than delayed.

“It’s been an overall good experience,” another traveler said. “We had no complaints, you know, the flights went fine.”