By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Before you start wrapping gifts, you might want to wrap things up in the garden – including fragile pots.

Terracotta, and even glazed clay pots, can crack from freezing and thawing in winter weather. If you don’t have a garage or shed and can’t really maneuver them into your home, you can still do some things to protect them.

You can empty out the soil and turn pots over so they can’t collect water, or nest a stack of empty pots inside each other with plastic bags to cushion them in between. Wrap pots- including underneath – in thick plastic, heavy weight garbage bags or a tarp – and put them in a sheltered spot – under an overhang or near a house wall where it tends to be warmer. Raise them off the ground if you can, so water doesn’t get in the bottom and freeze.

You can even cover them with a big white bag or clean green tarp and add a bow to make them look like gift boxes for the holiday season. It’ll certainly be a gift to you if they don’t crack, because the bigger they are, the pricier pots can be to replace.

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