By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Center City department store revealed its holiday windows Saturday with the help of some friends.

Singers, the Phillie Phanatic and others entertained the crowd outside Macy’s Center City as they waited for the man of the hour to arrive in a horse-drawn carriage.


(Credit: John Mcdevitt)

The holiday window unveiling at Macy’s Center City (Credit: John McDevitt)


The star, of course, was Santa Claus, who lead a countdown to the unveiling of one of the window displays.

Andrew Mulldoon, from Rochester, New York says you can’t help getting into the holiday spirit with the decorated windows and Jolly Old St. Nick:

“The kids, they don’t need a lot of arm twisting. Once they see the guy in the big red jacket and the furry beard they are pretty fired up, but for us, it’s great to be reminded that the holidays are coming and the spirit is here.”

The six decorated windows are entitled “The Magic of Christmas.” Each window incorporates something you could find inside Macy’s Center City — like the shoppers waiting by the eagle statue, a waltzing couple in the Crystal Tea Room, and a moving Tiny Tim and Ebenezer Scrooge in Dicken’s Village.


The Crystal Tea Room holiday window at Macy's Center City. (credit: john McDevitt)

The Crystal Tea Room holiday window at Macy’s Center City. (credit: john McDevitt)