By Carol Erickson

Thanksgiving It Isn’t Coming on the Holiday

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Lots of talk about a potential weather maker coming for the Delaware Valley during the pre-holiday travel rush period. Here is the latest…SUBJECT TO CHANGE MANY TIMES before the late Tuesday thru early Thursday possible arrival time. Computer models are trending energy from the southwest to meet up with cold air coming in from north, taking that meeting off the coast around midweek.  Should these two weather makers have this date at the right time, and if they both show up on time, we could be looking at some chilly rain and perhaps a winter mix of snow before Thanksgiving.  The timing now brings in precipitation late on Tuesday and gone by early Thursday.  The type of precipitation depends on how cold it is where and when the systems meet up.  We’ll keep following this, and again, the models have a tendency to change as we get closer to an event. But indications are by Thanksgiving it should simply be cold and dry.  Don’t let your dinner be the same way!

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