By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Legislation that would generate major new funding for Pennsylvania roads, bridges, and mass transit is another step closer to the governor’s desk after the state Senate approved an amendment this afternoon.

And a higher speed limit would be in the offing, too.

The Pennsylvania Senate has given its approval to the same amendment passed by the House last night (see related story).

But there are two more votes necessary before the measure goes to the governor.

The Senate approved the amendment mostly along party lines, 26 to 24, with Democrats strenuously objecting to provisions that concern the prevailing wage law.

The overall spending plan, when fully implemented, would provide more than $2 billion a year for transportation.  It will be funded by raising taxes on gasoline at the wholesale level, by raising Penndot license and registration fees, and by increasing the fines for certain moving violations.

Suburban Philadelphia Republican John Rafferty, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, says passenger vehicle fees will be increased by the rate of inflation every two years after.

“It’s been years since there have been any adjustments to the motor license fees and the registration fees – I think since the 80s and 90s.”

But it appears that not only will more money be on the way for roads, bridges, and mass transit but that 70mph speed limits will be on the way, too. There is language that will allow Penndot to raise the speed limit on some highways.