By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan: For a limited time, Delaware County Community College is allowing students from Delaware and Chester Counties the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school at a substantially discounted rate of up to 72 percent off the College’s normal tuition and fees.

266 students have are already enrolled in the “High School Dual Enrollment Pilot Program”.

Qualified students from the College’s sponsoring school districts pay only $40 per credit versus the normal $146 a credit with fees. Students from non-sponsoring school districts pay only $80 per credit versus the normal $254 a credit with fees. Courses can be taken at most of the College’s nine locations. Fees are waived. Application deadlines are Dec. 1 for the spring semester, May 1 for Summer I and June 1 for Summer II. (Sponsoring districts contribute to the College; residents from these districts receive a reduced tuition rate).

The High School Dual Enrollment Pilot Program will last three years. Eligible high school juniors can earn up to nine college credits, while eligible high school seniors can earn up to 12 college credits. Thus, by the time students graduate from high school, they can accumulate up to 21 credits. Program eligibility is based on a student’s potential for success, which includes demonstrated academic ability and motivation.

Additionally, dual enrollment students can save thousands of dollars by completing their first two years at Delaware County Community College and then transferring to a four-year school for a baccalaureate degree. Studies show that students who complete their associate degree before transferring credits are more likely to attain their bachelor’s degree.

The College — under already existing programs (Dual Admissions, Core-to-Core Articulations, and Guaranteed Admissions Agreements)— enables students who graduate with an associate degree to seamlessly transfer their credits to a variety of four-year schools. These transfer agreements often come with guaranteed admission and excellent scholarship opportunities to universities such as Drexel, Penn State, Temple, West Chester, and Widener, as well as to colleges such as Albright, Cabrini, Chestnut Hill, Peirce and Rosemont.

College transfer agreements and high school dual enrollment programs enable four-year schools to enroll students they may otherwise have not received. Research shows that students who take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities while in high school tend to be more successful as they progress through their post-secondary education experience.

Students are under no obligation to attend Delaware County Community College after completing the High School Dual Enrollment Pilot Program and can transfer the credits they earn to a four-year school.

To learn more about the Dual Enrollment Pilot Program, visit, or call 610-359-5141.