By Dan Wing

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–The School Reform Commission held a meeting Monday night that gave teachers and community members a chance to work through an exercise in how to get the most students into better-performing schools.

Before the couple dozen people at the School District of Philadelphia Headquarters were broken down into groups, Schools Superintendent Dr. William Hite explained the challenge asking, “How do we get more students into better performing schools?”

The groups were given the statistics of a fake neighborhood and its surrounding public and charter schools, and then given four options on how to proceed, either by improving poor-performing schools, expanding existing schools, creating new schools, or by closing poor-performing schools.

While the statistics given out at the meeting were fake Dr. Hite says the situation is very real.

“We have too many students who are not in schools serving the needs of students, academically.”

The exercise was aimed at keeping the community well informed on the situation moving forward, especially for future policy meetings.