By John Ostapkovich

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Thinking about adopting a child? Well there’s an app for that.

For Sharon Simons of Seaford, Delaware, it was a long, hard slog to parenthood.

After a miscarriage and in vitro fertilization failures, she turned to adoption and has two boys from Siberia, who are the lights of her life.

She chronicles her journey in the memoir Mom At Last, but for those needing immediate help, there’s the adoption app.

“The app helps adopt in any state that you’re in. You click on the state and it gives you all the forms that are needed for that state. If you adopt domestically or internationally, you still have to go through background checks. You still have to be approved by your state. This just helps with the paperwork. It helps you find anything on one spot.”

If the paperwork changes, the app updates. She figures the number one hurdle to adopting is fear of not loving a child born to someone else, a fear that in her case could not be further from the truth.

“It don’t think that people really understand that love and that bond that you have and it doesn’t matter where the child comes from. As soon as it sits in your arms and you know that it’s your child, the bond is there. I mean, the connection I have with my two boys is immeasurable.”

Simons is creator of the adoption app, which connects people to all the forms their state will require for the process. It’s free for Android devices, $5 for Apple, but may be priceless in finding the unmet love of your life

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