By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The Pennsylvania House has approved legislation that would allow for small games of chance in bars and taverns. The state Senate is expected to follow suit next week.

State House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, an Allegheny County Republican, says the bill will help create a level playing field for bars and taverns to get into the small games of chance that private clubs have, albeit on a smaller scale.

“I thought it was narrowly tailored,” said Turzai. “I thought it was well vetted.”

By narrowly tailored, Turzai refers to language that will limit taverns to these three games: pull-tabs, daily drawings and raffles.

Gaming opponent Paul Clymer, a Bucks County Republican, scoffs at that idea.

“You can almost count on it… that that’s going to expand in a couple of years from three to four to five to six,” said Clymer.

Most of the opposition to the bill came from Democrats, who cited concerns about enforcement and the impact on the Lottery.

A spokesman for the Senate majority leader says that chamber is likely to concur in House amendments and send the bill to the governor next week.