By Jan Carabeo

By Ileana Diaz

UPPER DARBY, Pa., (CBS) — Residents in one Delaware County community are outraged after vandals destroyed trees that had just been planted in a popular park.

The sound of running water and the greenery are what attract many to Drexel Gardens Park in Upper Darby. Just two weeks ago volunteers used a $10,000 grant from the Philadelphia Horticultural Society to plant 225 of these trees.

“I said how pretty it’s going to look when it all grows,” neighbor Dorris Young said.

Instead these trees were yanked out and tossed in the creek, nearly 100 of them ruined. Leaving the park looking like this.

“It’s a waste and that’s sad,” neighbor Eliyah Peyton said.

“I don’t know who would do that,” Young said.

Police don’t know either but are looking for anyone involved.  Eyewitness News is told the park is quiet during the day, but neighbors tell us after school its known as a place where kids get rowdy.

“It’s upsetting but what’s more upsetting is that they spent $10,000 on planting trees when the park has broken basketball hoops and beer cans everywhere,” neighbor Justin Fitzsimmons said.

Volunteers replanted the trees which have now lasted a few days.  These trees are supposed to beautify the park and prevent the creek from flooding. But neighbors worry the vandals could be back again.

“My message is to the parents to teach kids respect when others are out trying to beautify our community,” Young said.

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